Lift tickets usually change prices from season to season, so estimating the exact price from last year or forecasting the price for next year is difficult. Price changes occur because of inflation, new amenities, or higher operating costs. The good news is that you can frequently find discount rates, and with our online tool for Virginia lift tickets, you can get these discounts and comparison shop quickly and confidently. Here we have listed all of the 2017-18 lift ticket prices for the four ski resorts in Virginia, as well as online deals that can help you save on your next ski trip.


Ski Resort 1-Day Adult
Window Rate
3-Day Adult
Window Rate
Lift Ticket Deals
Bryce Resort
$201 $36 View Deals
$222 N/A View Deals
Omni Homestead
$150 $29 View Deals
$237 $37 View Deals


Tips for Getting Your Virginia Lift Tickets

Buying Virginia lift tickets is just like buying anything else for a vacation. You have to plan ahead. If you wait until the last minute, you can guarantee that you are going to pay the maximum price. By buying online, you can find the best deals for lift tickets, so plan on purchasing them at least a week in advance. Generally, the longer the lead-time, the better the discount. You may also be able to find specialized deals for larger groups, for less popular times, or for package vacation deals.

No matter what, avoid buying your tickets at the window. Window prices are always the highest price that the resort can charge. Sometimes last-minute things occur, but even then, use your phone to check online. You may still be able to find some great deals.

Purchasing Lift Tickets

Virginia lift tickets are some of the best deals for hitting the slopes. Each of the four resorts has weekend deals, but the Omni Homestead Ski Resort has great deals on up to three-day lift tickets. The most expensive lift ticket is at the Wintergreen, which costs $54 for a weekday and $79 per day during the weekend. These are for 8-hour sessions. But what if you’re up for a challenge, or one of your buddies dares you to see how many runs you can do in a single day? Extended tickets that run the full day from 9 to close cost $64 and $89 for weekdays and weekend days, respectively. The Omni offers single-day tickets for $50 and a 3-day pass for $150. Massanutten’s tickets are on par with Wintergreen at $74 for weekend day rates. The price for lift tickets at Bryce falls in the middle, running at $67 per day.

The Authority for Virginia Skiing

We work constantly to find the best deals for lift tickets no matter where you are skiing in Virginia. Whether you are traveling with your family to spend a fun weekend at Bryce or plan on shredding the slopes at Wintergreen, check with us before you get your Virginia lift tickets. With our connections, we can help you save money and let you spend more time doing what you love.