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Everyone has heard the misattributed quote, “Virginia is for Lovers,” thinking it is the state motto. It isn’t (it’s actually the tourism and travel slogan), but it still holds true, especially if you love skiing. After all, Virginia isn’t just about the beach and the bay, there’s also a hefty stretch of the Appalachians that run along the 330-mile western border. It’s here that you will find the sweet ski spots you crave.

Four Resorts in Virginia

When it comes to skiing in Virginia, you’re most likely to find yourself at one of four places. All four are located just a few minutes off I-81 as it slices through the middle of the state and makes its scenic way through the mountains. To the north, you have Bryce Resort with 25 acres of ski runs and an overall vertical drop of 600 feet. A bit south in the middle of the state, you find Massanutten. Massanutten has been in the ski business since the 70’s and they have it all. Wide trails, night skiing, terrain paths, and a great ski school are all part of the resort. The two southern ski areas are the Wintergreen, and the Omni. The Omni skirts the West Virginia border in the Allegheny Mountains. There are over 45 acres of ski trails with an even mix between all skill levels. The Wintergreen is the biggest resort with 25 runs over 129 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Travel Tips to Know Before You Hit the Slopes in Virginia

The great thing about skiing in Virginia is that all four resorts are located along a 175-mile stretch of highway. For a weeklong ski-cation, you could start at Bryce and easily hop your way through all four resorts. Generally speaking, the Appalachians are an easy drive without any treacherous kickbacks or roads to worry about. You should watch the trucks, however. The tractor-trailers are notorious along I-81. There are also a good number of speed traps on I-81, especially from Harrisonburg to Lexington. So enjoy the view, but don’t get unduly distracted making your way to and from the resorts.

Finally, if you’re driving in from out of state, get your gas in Virginia if possible. Fuel is usually more expensive in Maryland and North Carolina.

Using Your Brain When Skiing in Virginia

When you go to hit the slopes in Virginia, you are going to want to make your dollar stretch as much as possible. There are some common tricks you should use whenever you go on a vacation, such as buying sunscreen and sunglasses at your local Wal-Mart before you leave. Another one that you may not know is that renting equipment online with us can save you up to 20%. We interact with the resorts all the time, so let our working relationship help you save money.

Skiing in Virginia shouldn’t be a stress on your wallet or your brain. You want to enjoy the slopes, so relax and let us help you do that.

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